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The Chaotic World of Youth Sports — Vol 54

iSport360_ChaoticWorldYouthSportsAs a sports parent and coach, I know how complicated youth sports can be at times. So I’d like to share some helpful articles that shed light on the challenges we face… and some funny ones that might even give us an opportunity to laugh at ourselves. Please enjoy… and please click here to try our iSport360 app, which is the first-ever platform for coaches and parents to share objective player feedback.

The Positive Coaching Alliance and John O’Sullivan, Author of “Changing The Game”, have both been an inspiration to iSport360. The Positive Coaching Alliance has been building “Better Athletes, Better People” for 20 years and John’s 2013 book opened our eyes to the need for parents and coaches to put the focus of youth sports back on our kids. So when a thought-leader like John O’Sullivan is saying the same thing to his team parents that I say to mine, it’s worth sharing….and worth the 90 seconds to hear his perspective. Click here to watch the video.


Nothing helps our young players develop quite like timely and actionable player feedback.  Whether you are a coach sharing post-game feedback or a parent sharing praise, not everyone has the time to start typing feedback to their team.  So instead, give your fingers a rest and just use the speech recognition icon on your mobile device and “tell” iSport360 what feedback you want to share.  Your players will thank you for the feedback… and your fingers will thank you for the rest. Click hereto learn more!


Navigating today’s youth sports terrain is as challenging as ever for parents.  There are tough decisions to be made about choosing the right programs, and piles of information to sift through regarding concussions, injury prevention, and better sports parenting.  But this book by world-class olympian Sharkie Zartman and well-known sports podiatrist Dr. Robert Weil can help navigate the journey. Click here to read the review.

Are You A Supportive Sports Parent?

At iSport360,  we constantly turn to world-class experts for guidance on sports parenting and coaching.  And few people have conducted more research on the topic than Dr. David Feigley, Founder of the Youth Sports Research Council at Rutgers University.  He shared 10 ways parents can be more supportive for their young athletes? Click here to read the full article

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June 7, 2018

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