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Driving Youth Sports Player Retention and Engagement

Youth sports is a 20 billion-dollar-a-year industry, yet all of the software platforms that support it are made for adults with no regard for the athletes. iSport360 is the first ever youth sports software platform built for athletes to help improve communication. Player development and team culture you can download the iSport360 app or use a browser on any device with this easy-to-use app. Players and their team can set goals and share training videos, practice assignments, photos, sticker rewards feedback, and virtual team locker rooms.

And because keeping the team’s schedule is so important, iSport360 announced today that it will soon launch features to schedule all team events. This app is fully compliant with COPPA child privacy laws and Safe Sport, which makes it surprisingly unique so kids can create their own accounts. But parental consent is required. They also don’t collect any personally identifiable information from the player, and parents can monitor all team communication with a focus on improved communication and player development. Customers tell us that iSport360 has increased their club’s player retention.

virtual locker room

You can join more than 160,000 people using iSport360 today by downloading the app on Google Play or App Store or visiting

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January 11, 2022

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