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3 Tips to Giving Thanks to Your Coach

Don’t forget about thanking the coaches that help you day in and day out. In everything we do as an athlete, there are always so many people to thank from coaches, trainers, teachers, parents and teammates. At this time of the year, we just wanted to remind you to give thanks to those that help along the way. 

Who should you give thanks to?


The coach makes many sacrifices for their team. They work late at night, they watch film, develop practice plans and are always communicating with players. They are vital to your success so give them a big show of gratitude.


The trainer is vital for every game and tournament. They are there to keep athletes healthy. And they are there to help if players are hurt or injured. Don’t forget to thank them, it will go a long way.

Custodial Staff

The custodial staff at the facility or school are always making sure the field, ice and court are clean and usable. If it wasn’t for them, there would be no games or tournaments. Remember to thank them. 


Parents do so much to help make athletes successful on and off the field. Driving players to and from games and tournaments. The parents pack food and snacks. And they may wash uniforms and help organize the day. Do not forget to give them thanks.

Why should you give thanks?

It is healthier. 

“This simple shift in thinking can lead to big change. According to the American Psychological Association, teens who practice gratitude are more likely to be happier in general and less likely to have behavior problems at school. They’re also likely to be healthier overall, according to new research, and could even be more likely to easily make friends.” Per TrueSport article here.

Impact with Your Play

When people give thanks, they just feel better. And feeling better is a sure sign to help in other parts of your life, like sports. If players think about the best game they played, how did they feel that day? By showing gratitude, players show a kindness and a humbleness that helps with the game. It helps them stay focused. 

3 Tips to Thanking Coaches

Write a Note

Writing a note is an easy gesture. It can be in the form of an actual card or just send an email. As a coach, I always love getting a note of thanks from parents, players or both. From a coach perspective, I view that player and family a bit differently. They may understand all of the work that we coaches do day in and day out. 

Help Clean Up Equipment

Teams usually have equipment that is used over and over again. Maybe teams have a ton of cones and balls on the field. Or maybe there is garbage or something else on the pitch. When others help clean up, it shows that we are all in this together. It shows that the best teams take pride and show thanks by doing the dirty work. 

Buy a Small Gift

Some families buy a small gift or give a gift card. These small gifts can be $5 but just shows a bit of thanks and that you were thinking about them.

Have a great Thanksgiving season and remember to thank your coach! For more information on iSport360, please visit us here

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November 23, 2021

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