Proper Hydration for Youth Sports Athletes

Proper hydration is crucial for any athlete, but especially for youth sports athletes who are still growing and developing. Dehydration can have serious consequences, such as heat stroke, cramps, and even organ damage.  Why is hydration important for youth

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Game Day Fuel: Sports Nutrition for Youth

Sports are foundational for youth. They’re opportunities for younger kids to get exercise, develop motor skills, make friends, and work together. For older kids, team sports hone specific physical abilities, ignite passion, and build character and confidence. For all

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Top Snacks for Athletes with Allergies

Fueling athletes with good nutrition on-the-go is not easy. When you have an athlete that has gluten and lactose sensitivity, it can be really hard. I can talk from experience as my daughter has sensitivities to gluten and dairy. She has been

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