Tips to Get Recruited: Navigating the Path to College Athletic Success

The college recruiting process, it isn't easy. I absolutely loved playing a collegiate sport. The life lessons learned were so valuable, the friendships made were lifelong and the memories were priceless.  But it isn’t easy, no great things are

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Uniforms – How to Make the Best Choice for Your Team?

Undoubtedly one of the most labor intensive - and important, tasks for any coach or program administrator is the selection and purchase of team uniforms for their athletes. As the largest direct-to-coach uniform outfitter in youth basketball (and now

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2023-05-24T02:29:11+00:00May 17, 2023|

6 Mistakes Athletes Should Avoid During The Recruiting Process

These are some great tips on the recruiting process. Recruit Look regularly talks about the things each potential recruit needs to accomplish to maximize their chances of landing an athletic scholarship. Please make sure to avoid these mistakes, mostly caused

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