Tips on Incorporating Mindfulness in Youth Sports

In our fast-paced, technology-driven world, the benefits of mindfulness are gaining recognition not only for adults but also for children. As parents, educators, and caregivers, it's essential to explore how introducing mindfulness practices to kids can positively impact their

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2024-01-01T17:14:54+00:00December 29, 2023|

Mental Fitness: Train Your Mind Like You Train Your Muscles

In sports, we are very good at training and strengthening our muscles with the goal of getting either stronger or faster. We have routines and trackers that help us measure our growth in these areas to help us determine how

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2022-03-30T01:24:26+00:00March 30, 2022|

You Win More by not Keeping Score: Why do we play sports?

Here is a question to ask yourself. Why do we play sports? What makes sports so exciting? I think for me when I ask myself that question, it’s the thrill of the unknown. You have a general idea of what

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2022-03-09T13:36:06+00:00March 1, 2022|
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