Playing Soccer with Israelis and Palestinians (WHAT?)

As a sports dad, coach and Founder of iSport360, I get to see youth sports from so many perspectives. But the fact is, on a recent visit to Israel, I brought my daughters to spend a day in a

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2023-11-28T02:47:58+00:00January 31, 2022|

Saving Our Kids From The Comparison Trap

While this post is from 2018, the content is still very relevant for 2021. Our friend in the UK Gordon MacLelland shares insight on parents’ sideline behavior. His organization Working With Parents in Sport (WWPIS) is a UK based company

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2021-07-16T23:51:00+00:00July 16, 2021|

Life Lessons I Learned on the Ballfield

Wow, 2020 taught us a lot about perseverance, resilience, and teamwork.  Certainly these are skills we all need to learn in life.  But for many kids and adults, these were all lessons that we learned as kids on the ball

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