So now what? 2 years into Covid and Youth Sports is Still Going

It has been a hard almost 2 years with covid and navigating youth sports. In the beginning it was a bit easier, we didn’t have any choice. We were told the rules and we were expected to follow them.  Navigating

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16 Rules for Basketball Parents

Thank you Alan Stein, Jr., these 16 rules are so relevant across all sports and life. We love sharing Alan’s wisdom with our readers. Alan is a successful business owner and veteran basketball performance coach, he spent 15 years working

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2022-05-18T14:33:36+00:00December 7, 2021|

Play Informed: Weighing the risks and benefits of youth sports during a pandemic

By Douglas J. Guth - appeared in MVP Parent on January 9, 2021 Youth sports bring boundless benefits to children and college-aged adults alike, from physical well-being to the socialization skills inherent in team-based competition. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic –

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