Norway, Youth Sports and Olympic Success

Norway has a very different approach to youth sports. Thank you to Paul Waldie and The Globe and Mail for reminding us that we have a lot to learn from Norway.  Not because they crush it every Olympics, but because

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Youth sports referees are quitting in droves

The sports referee shortage is being attributed to a toxic combination of abuse from coaches and parents, low salaries, and COVID-19. Update from the Fall In a Journal Times article from December 5th, they are looking to train teenagers.

2021-12-21T21:34:13+00:00December 5, 2021|

High School Cross Country Runner Shows Sportsmanship

With all of the negative vibes our in the world right now, we love a good sports story. This is a great show to compassion by a youth sports cross country runner. His show of sportsmanship is one of those

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